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December 7, 2016
Foto de mi aldea
December 7, 2016

I'm Working on Something

An original song collection for young people with English and Spanish lyrics and one instance of Mandarin!

I'm Working On Something is the music of the heart for children and adults alike. We daydream in it to make sense of the world and to contribute new ideas.

Capitan Hook, who in this Spanish version is Capitán Garfio, happens to be all hurt and in bad shape. He's missing a hand, an eye and a leg! He's still mean but we love him just the same.

Soccer is a bilingual song about the most popular sport played by children all over the world.

Rain Song is a sweet and fun composition by Mariano Wainsztein and Ruben Gonzalez. Sung in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

We learn to give Un Poquito de Amor so our friends and loved ones feel better.

We also revisit a well-known A B C alphabet song with new lyrics en español.

The song Zorro tells the story of the mythic crime and bad guy fighter in colonial Mexico.

I Like is a piece that asks us to do our own clapping, snapping, tapping, yawning etc. Simple and fun.

There is plenty of rhythmic body percussion throughout the recording in Body Beat, Mouth Drum Song, Clave and Body Beat Too.

Finally we go to sleep with Vamos A Dormir in an exciting and at the same time relaxing version featuring three different tempos. Preview all songs and buy a copy at
I’m Working on Something